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Tue 07 May 2024
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Back with a win!

Back with a win!

Sarah Seddon8 May - 07:48
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First game of the summer season for the U15D team and a convincing win under their belts!

See below Coach Sofia's thoughts on the game:

team strengths
- Great patience in attack, (as discussed) if we didn’t like what was being offered infront of us the girls were so so good at recycling back to the line.
- ⁠defence boxed out well to win the rebound.
- ⁠The best best best part of the match was how slick and amazing we were at bringing the ball out of defence. Both our goal lines and connection between defence and attack were amazing. (this is often a difficult thing to do across all ages and levels so really pleased.)
- ⁠we attacked through the middle in the 3rd second very well. (to explain this further when we struggled to go forward and there were no options present, the girls were great at recognising this and therefore offering a hard drive through the middle which relieved pressure.
- ⁠We honestly got stronger and stronger as the match went on, despite the score, the quality of play just got better and better. It was really great to see as we began to adjust to the opposition, play to our strengths and learn from mistakes. We became more and more successful.

individual strengths
- my CPOTM was aimee . my ‘turnover queen’ she cut the line of ball off brilliantly, tracked her player closely and quickly reacted to any loose ball. Standout performance today and best i’ve ever seen her play!
- ⁠imogen was excellent, the timing of her drives to the baseline and coming off the hold were honestly perfect. And similarly her ability to know when to hold and when to move provided a strong, consistent shooter option under the post.
- ⁠Although having a tough and rough opponent ruby took every ball with great strength (regardless of the frequent contact) as well as swishing multiple long bombs today!
- ⁠Islas feed and vision into the circle was excellent, she entered the game brilliantly.
- ⁠When bringing the ball down the court Jess opened her hips and body up to receive the ball and was therefore key in the success of movement down the court. She tracked her player closely and as always showed her tenacious character.
- ⁠lotties arms over pressure was insane (i felt bad for the GS?) and her ability to work closely with Izzy in GD resulted in them winning more ball then i’ve ever seen before. The defensive unit found amazing success, with several flying interceptions as well as causing the opposition lots of errors.
- ⁠Ayesha and megan entered the game beautifully. Ayesha’s feeds into the back space were great and precise. Megan’s ‘1 2s’ with her teammates allowed her to find great space and sink multiple shots.
- ⁠ellen brought composure, patience and calmness to the squad today. Really excellent ability to slow the play down for our girls, ultimately leading to a more slick successful play.

work ons
- we sometimes needed to site the defence, (which we discussed as being just as important as siting our attackers.)
- ⁠HIGH RELEASE, this was the only frustrating thing about today’s match, although we spoke about it several times lots of the girls still struggled to get the ball up and give a high release.
- ⁠We needed to give a lateral or at least a short easy ball after a turnover and we often gave away our own interceptions due to poor decision making and placement.
- ⁠we needed slightly more width attack at we sometimes found our attacking unit to all be on one side of the court.
- ⁠We spoke about opening up the hips to prevent tunnel vision (only looking at one player and forcing the ball to them despite their being better options.) We definitely saw an improvement in this though.

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Match date

Tue 07 May 2024



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Court - 6
Umpire - Eleanor
Coach -sofia
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